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  1. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest - Coeur d'Alene National Forest overnight

    It's time to Barbecue Do you like Barbecue? So do I. Let's get together and do some camp BBQ. Well, I like to have a theme for overnight dinners. The dinner theme for the night will be, you guessed it BBQ This is not a requirement, but It does make for a fun evening with everyone taking a...
  2. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest - Mirror Lake overnight

    Okay I'm ready for another overnight. I've tried to get to this destination twice now early in the season and have not made it due to snow. It's time to get to the top and spend the night. What's up with the Italian flag??? Well, I like to have a theme for overnight dinners. The dinner theme...
  3. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest MEGs #4 Roman Nose Meet Eat Greet and Sleep

    Come for a meet and greet! Stay for the night. Roman nose is an easy drive that all rigs can make it to. There are more difficult tracks to the top if you want. Super family friendly camping. The camp is near the lower of three lakes and there is a loop trail that will take you to 2...
  4. mwilson920

    US West Las Vegas OB Members-Overnight Trip to Gold Butte National Monument

    We will be exploring one of our newest National Monuments, Gold Butte. Where we camp depends on how many people want to camp. We will also meet up with folks who just want to come up for the day and do a day trip on Sunday. Please note.... This is for the OVERNIGHT rally point ONLY!! Please...
  5. tjk775

    US West Pyramid Ranch Over Nighter

    Quick trip out to relax with some friends at the hot spring. Thought id put together a rally point on OB in case anyone else might be interested. The road out there is pretty easy. attached Gaia file is from SutcliffeView Rally Point
  6. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland NW: MEGs #3 (McCroskey State Park)

    Better than a meet and greet! Not as cool as an overnight trip to the middle of nowhere. Let\\\'s get together anyway! Bring your rig in trail configuration for an overnight camping shakedown, Cook using your kitchen or throw some food on the fire. Pack your stuff - Unpack your stuff - Use...
  7. Jose Losoya

    South Padre Island ,Tx (South West Region)

    Hello , I'd Like to invite EVERYONE to come and join us down at South Padre Island Meet up for a night on 5/12/18 ! (more info in Rally Point)
  8. Russell Peters

    Skyline Drive Overnight - Labor Day Weekend (Fri/Sat) - 09/01/2017

    Come join us for a drive and campout. We will meet at the Chevron in Spanish Fork at the mouth of the canyon. Drive up to the trailhead of one of the best drives in Utah. About halfway, depending on speed and distance covered, we will stop and set up camp and enjoy the company of fellow...