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  1. G

    Building a Classic: 91 Jeep XJ Cherokee

    All mine as of 2 weeks ago :) 1991 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) Laredo - Stock 214k odo + new long block 10k miles ago Interior is ridiculously clean This is my second Jeep and I plan I’m slowly building her for overlanding. Nothing crazy but comfortable on those forest roads. Welcome all ideas for an...
  2. American Off-Road Club

    92 XJ Maxxine

    If you read this from the beginning, know that this is updated in real time, and updates will occour. I've been building my rig for about 3.5 years. I'll dig up the old pictures and show y'all where it all began. Every square inch of this thing has been touched. To add to that, every...
  3. R

    Tacoma, XJ or 4Runner

    I am new here, and just getting into overlanding. I drive 90 miles to work and back and I want to buy a rig that I can build into an overland rig and a DD. I am stuck between a Newer Tacoma, XJ and a 3rd gen 4Runner. What do yall think would be the better choice for me?