overland expo east 2018

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  1. bval

    SOLD 1 Overland Expo East Weekend Pass with Camping and Vehicle Pass - $190

    I am going to be unable to attend, so I'd like to help an OB member out. Selling 1 weekend pass with camping plus vehicle pass to Overland Expo East. Asking $190 face value. Not looking to make a buck, just don't want to the ticket to go unused. First come, first served via DM.
  2. Hourless Life

    Overland Expo East 2018 Discussion Thread (Not region specific)

    Hey all, I saw there was an "Official" general (non-region specific) thread for last year, but I haven't seen one for 2018. If there is one please just point me to it, if not we can use this one. So here it is. Let's talk Overland Expo East 2018! Who is going? Where are you leaving from to...