overland expo 2018

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  1. Ian McAdorey

    Expo East 2018

    Was looking to see who is heading or planning to be going to NC for Expo East in the East Region. Wanted to Gather some interest in meeting up at a campsite in MD or VA prior to continuing onto NC. Personally I am on the fence about it with regards to PTO for work and such but I feel like I...
  2. Michael

    Overland Expo 2018 WEST Caravan - SF Bay Area Departure - 05/15/2018

    This is the SF Bay Area Overland Expo West Caravan! Feel free to join us on the trek. We look forward to seeing you! This group departs like a cruise ship - on the dot! Please be at the Rally Point ready to roll out at the designated time, or catch us at the next rendezvous! For complete stop...