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  1. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Expedition Utah's Annual Overland Skills Camp - Central Utah

    Register @ www.expeditionutah.com This unique experience offers classroom training combined with hands-on practical application of what you’ve learned. Overland Skills Camp is intended for people that want to get into “Overlanding”, but don’t know where to start. Get ready for 3 days of...
  2. B

    Overland Challenges and Gear to Meet Them, Organized

    So let's see how I can put this to words. Every human has mutual needs. Every overlander is met with mutual challenges. Water gathering, water filtering, food storage, shelter. Then there are things more specific to overlanding like recovery gear, etc. As I am planning my outfitting I can't...
  3. ShoKilla

    Top Three MVE (Most Valuable Equipment)

    I’m about to take the plunge and prepare for some overland camping. I’m not new to camping but this is the first time I’ve seriously considered going out past the camp grounds and into the “wild”. What I am specifically looking for is everyone’s top 3 mods, must have, most valuable equipment...
  4. ce4460

    Not prepared v. Kinda prepared v. Prepared ??

    Here's my dilemma, which I'm sure many of you face - when you can't afford to buy needed safety equipment, should you look for short cuts? Let me give an example. I think most would agree that a winch is a desired tool out on the trail. Recently, I bought and installed a Warn Winch only to...