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  1. fledwell

    OutdoorX4 Magazine Issue 42 Now Available in Digital AND Audio - Print Ships Soon, OB Forum Members Save 10% on Subscription

    Hi everyone! The latest issue of OutdoorX4 Magazine has published in both digital and audio with print shipping in March. This latest issue is our 8th Anniversary issue and features a variety of fantastic stories including the following: – History of the Camel Trophy by Jonathan Hanson –...
  2. fledwell

    FREE Gaia GPS Premium Membership with OutdoorX4 Magazine Subscription

    Looking for inspiration to get out and explore the road less traveled? OutdoorX4 Magazine has partnered with Gaia GPS to offer a 3-month Premium Membership when you subscribe to OutdoorX4! OutdoorX4 Magazine has been a proud sponsor of Overland Bound, and is a premier archival quality print and...
  3. fledwell

    Bored at Home? Get OutdoorX4 Magazine & Special Edition Jeep Magazine Print or Digital Subscription for 20% OFF

    Looking for something to keep you occupied while you dream of getting back outdoors? For a limited time we are offering 50% OFF all new digital subscriptions to OutdoorX4 Magazine and our Special Edition for Jeep enthusiasts. Additionally, if you prefer the tangible, archival quality of print...
  4. fledwell

    Searching for Rock Art in the Southwest

    Our Senior Photographer, Randy Langstraat, wrote a nice piece for us back in Issue 2 of OutdoorX4 Magazine on the various types of rock art (petroglyphs and pictographs) scattered throughout the American southwest. We've republished it onto the OutdoorX4 website and it's an excellent, brief...
  5. fledwell

    New Ford Ranger arriving in early 2019

    In case you missed the news, Ford Motor Company has announced details on the much-anticipated 2019 Ford Ranger due out early next year. You can read all about it from the OutdoorX4 website in the link below: https://outdoorx4.com/news-and-events/new-ford-ranger-arriving-2019/
  6. Rob K

    Overland/ Outdoor Reading and Mags?

    A few months ago, my subscription had ended for OutdoorX4 magazine. I had not realized this until just recently be it that the magazine is sent every other month. Non the less, my question is what other Outdoor/ Overlanding mags are other people reading? I enjoy OutdoorX4, the quality of a...
  7. fledwell

    Paddling the Whitney Wilderness

    OutdoorX4 contributor David Alexander recently visited the Whitney Wildnerness in the Adirondacks and wrote a nice, reflective piece for us from his adventure in the link below: https://outdoorx4.com/stories/paddling-whitney-wilderness/