offroad camper trailer

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  1. Zap

    M416 Camper Trailer, Northern Virginia area, $7200

    For sale in the Northern Virginia area. An M416 trailer replica. It was originally build by a 4*4 trailer company which is no longer in business. I purchased this trailer 2 years ago and have built a very capable trailer, I honestly hate to see it go. It is well equipped, light weight, and...
  2. East Coast Expedition

    Tiny Camper Expedition Build

    My trailer is a 1986 Bonair 13ft this is when i just purchased it in 2015.
  3. Dana Ramos

    Hiker Trailer 5x9 Offroad Build

    I got a lot of questions and photo/video requests after chiming in on another thread so I figured I'd start my own thread on our Hiker Trailer build. Up until last year we had a 4x8 Deluxe (non-Off-Road) model. We were able to take that little trailer quite a few places. For the most part, it...