nw missouri

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  1. merrante52

    SOS - IDK What I'm doing (St. Louis, MO)

    St. Louis, MO - are there any events/gatherings/meetups??? How do I network with overland bound members close to me? Most of the events on here seem to be coastal (from what I've looked at thus far). This site is a bit confusing and difficult to navigate, but I loved the idea so much I decided...
  2. kickkem

    KCMO Kansas City Meet up. Any Interest?

    As a New Guy I hesitate to try and set up a meet in the KCMO area. However, it would seem to be a great idea considering so many members are in the area. Does anyone have a thought about this concept. Should we or not? As an old retired guy I have plenty of time to meet and greet, maybe coffee...