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  1. Aussie571

    Overland Bound - New South Wales Rally 2020

    The first Rally for Overland Bound - New South Wales 2020 is being planned for October 16th to 19th 2020 at Chichester State Forest/Barrington Tops NP ...put this on your Calendar Everyone!
  2. Ulysses

    Cancelled The 2021 Aussie Iconic Tracks Expedition (Pt.3)

    Planning has now started for the 2021 Aussie Iconic Tracks Expedition (Pt.3) - This massive trip will take us on some of the world's most challenging and remote 4WD tracks including: - Bourke to Birdsville via Cameron Corner, the iconic Outback landmark where Queensland, South Australia and New...
  3. AndyH

    Day trip though Lower Hunter NSW

    A few of us got together last Sunday, hoping for a break in the wet weather. Well, the heavens opened on the way but as the day went on it cleared up and remained dry till evening. Headed up North West of Sydney and up Putty road. We had planned to reach Sheepskin Hut for lunch break, but due to...