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  1. Boort

    Issues with Email Notifications

    @Michael and the OB Team, Since the testing email issue from the Dev server yesterday GMail has started sending all OB email notifications to the Spam box. Interestingly I never received any of the emails that were mentioned on the board. This was even after I set up a mail rule to keep them...
  2. Boort

    Feature request: Rally point forums divided by Region

    @Michael, @Steve & the OB team Would it be possible to split the Rally point forums by Rally point regions? This way we could subscribe to the regional forum and be notified of events in the area. Currently we either need to check Rally point every so often, or subscribe to the main Rally...
  3. Tim

    OB Talk App version 5.4.12

    Hi All, I've started to have a few issues with the latest version of the OB Talk App this week. It looks like the previous posts here apply to the old app so I've started a new one (please feel free to merge if that is appropriate). I'm on iOS so not sure if the issue is unique. Firstly the app...