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  1. XPdriven

    Cancelled Sierra Pelona Night Run

    A short moderate night run just off of Bouquet Canyon Road. The beginning of the trail is the most technical part of the trail and it opens to amazing views and fun dirt roads. High clearance is required and airing down is more of a convenience rather than a necessity on this trail. Fun ride...
  2. ovrlndr

    Night Shots of Camp

    Post 'em up. Your best shots of camp at night. No sunset pictures. No sunrise pictures. I want NIGHT shots ONLY! Bonus points for awesome Milky Way shots with light painted vehicles or lit up tents, because those kind of pictures make me drool on my keyboard. Here's my best, now you go!
  3. Pick Teej

    Does your dog wander off at camp?

    Usually when we camp for the light we let the dog roam free, but occasionally we will get a scare when we cant see him. the best solution we have found to date (other than tying him up) is using a headlamp with a red led light over his collar. it gives him some light to see where he is going and...
  4. D

    Overland Sleeping Setup

    Hello, How have you set up your sleeping arrangements for Overland trips. Does it change depending on the trip? Do you sleep inside your vehicle on a custom built set up, in a tent on the ground or in a RTT (roof top tent). Please post photos and descriptions of your setup.