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  1. CampWithChin

    CA Atlantic Canada Trip planning to Labrador and Newfoundland via James Bay Road

    I'm currently trying to plan for another exploration trip back to Newfoundland in summer 2019. I have about 17 days and my route planning as the map below. Leaving MA to Quebec and explore James Bay Road. Spend a few days exploring JBR to Chisasibi/Radisson. Then head to Trans-labrador...
  2. Hosemonkey143

    First Timer Here - Ontario to the Rock (Newfoundland)

    Hello All, Rookie overlander Pete from Ontario here. I posted a similar thread in the Atlantic Canada section but figured this was a more appropriate location. It looks like the stars have aligned and I was able to get approximately 3 weeks off in August. I am trying to plan an eastern Canada...
  3. East Coast Expedition

    Newfoundland Expedition 2017

    Here is our journey to Newfoundland, Canada from June 23, 2017 to July 2, 2017.
  4. Matt92101

    Planning a trip to Newfoundland!

    Doing a roughly one and half month trip from San Diego-Maine (Upper US)-Newfoundland and back (middle US ish) Me, wife and 3 year old son. July 2017. Newfoundland Looking for tips for camping, on road travel, off road travel and ferry info. I'll be pulling our Turtleback trailer. Or any other...