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  1. Jermaniac

    Imprezzed Forester

    I'm happy I stumbled upon this forum, just when I thought forums were dead since Facebook became a thing. Greetings to all reading my long post, typing from the Netherlands, where there just isn't an overlanding scene. Two years ago I bought a bone stock, cheap Impreza wagon with 200k...
  2. Kevigizmo

    Overland Bound Region - West Europe

    Hey Everyone, As you have seen with announcements from Overland Bound, the regions globally have been expanding, With the new region being formed here in UK - This has now been amended to become part of the new European Regions - West Europe I just wanted to take a minute to say Hi and to give...
  3. Emiel


    Hi Overlander's, I'm new on the form so this is probably not the right place, but it looked as the perfect place to post my question to my. So my question is, are there any Overlanden bounder who live in the Netherlands or are come to/staying in the Netherlands currently? Emiel