national park

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  1. OscarMk

    Capulin Volcano National Monument (2013)

    Someone was proud she hiked to the top of the rim.
  2. Merk

    Mt. Rainier - Sunrise Open

    What's up dudes My tires didn't actually hit any dirt this weekend, but my hiking boots did. The road to sunrise at Mt. Rainier opened up last week, so we went to explore the area a bit. I normally don't post any hiking related reports on here, but this place is incredible! Highly recommend...
  3. Fortis Overland

    Rocky Mountain National Park Trip

    Hey all, Does anyone have good camp spot locations (preferably free, since most campsites seem to be reserved) in or around the Rocky Mountain National Park area? We're trekking up from Colorado Springs and have never been to RMNP, so I'm not sure what to expect, but the pictures I've seen look...
  4. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Campsite Preferences

    Which suits your fancy, and your reasons why? Dispersed Camping RTT vs. Traditional Ground Tent Established Campground National Park vs. National Forest State Park vs. County/City Campgrounds Group Camping(multiple rigs) or Solo Camping(single rig)
  5. Road

    Coastal Northern New England

    Hey all - thinking seriously about heading up through coastal Maine to Acadia NP and Mt Desert Island for a few days camping, if anyone would like to join or meet me up there. Casual, no structure, other than to get some wandering and photography started for the season and to test and tweak...