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  1. Old Griz

    Overland guitar

    Just curious if anyone brings a guitar along? I am thinking of buying one soon and looking for ideas on make and model you use Thanks, Bill
  2. Jeffrey Dill

    How to pass the time on longer drives

    My wife and I have usually just done music but we've recently started venturing into podcasts, which has been really great. It gives us something to focus on, you learn a little something, and it creates interesting conversation topics. I'd be curious to know how other folks prefer to pass the...
  3. Ubiety

    Update to USB-C Ideas? (Jeep Wrangler)

    In a bit of a quandry - instead of updating my 2017 Wrangler's non-touch-screen head unit to a touch screen I bought an iPad Pro for navigation and to serve up music to the head unit. This is not going as smoothly as I had hoped for... The center console allows me to stream music from the iPad...
  4. B

    Playing music in camp

    Hey all, Does anyone here play music in their campsite? I specifically mean playing an instrument. What do you play? Any songs you are good at? What do you want to learn how to play? I'm currently learning banjo, though I also know a bit of Ukulele. I'm learning Bluegrass banjo right now, but...
  5. Roam_CO85

    Camp music? Turn that up a few!!

    So everyones gotta jam...what is it? I cant really go anywhere with out something playing. My all time favorite is Bluegrass music and folk music. But I grew up with a Dad that was big into 70s rock and alot of blues a Mother that was a 60s hippie so I listen to everything but the folksy...