mounting brackets

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  1. El-Dracho

    How to hold a handheld HAM securely in the rig

    Hi! Beside the permanently installed coms I use also a handheld. Have a charging cradle for it with a cable which plugs into 12V. Currently I am thinking about how to hold it securely in the rig. My favourite would be if it sits in the charging cradle. But how to mount this. Maybe someone has...
  2. Jedi

    CO2 Cylinder Mounting Ideas

    I recently received a free 20lb CO2 cylinder with regulator to use for airing up. But now I need to find a place to mount it in my JKU. So, for those of you running CO2, where do you mount the cylinders?
  3. Arturo Menchaca

    Need some light tips.

    Hey everybody! I’ve had my Jeep JKU for quite some time now, and recently purchased the Smittybilt XRC roof rack with roof top tent. The rack itself has four lights mounts on the front bar right above the windshield. And the rear has two mounts for a pair of lights. My question is, what lights...
  4. RyanRanger

    Mounting ARB Awning on a Yakima Roof Rack ??

    Looking for Mounting Brackets.... Really want to purchase the ARB 1250 or 2000 Awning. Unfortunately, the awning does not come with any hardware and/or mounting brackets. ARB suggests their "Universal Bracket" but it looks like it won't fit on my Yakima CoreBar without drilling, and I do not...