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  1. Overland Ewack

    2019 Toyota Tacoma Build "Overland Taco"

    Bought my Toyota Tacoma late last summer and now have roughly six months with it. So with that said i am still early in the build phase but im slowly getting there. Mod List: - Cali Raised Ditch Lights - Cali Raised 32 inch lower grille light bar - RCI Bed rack - Cali Raised Bed Stiffeners -...
  2. Michael Jewett

    First Snorkel Designed for the 4th Gen 4Runner

    Hey guys, I have been speaking with Peter Sloop from Sloop Imports. He has agreed to bring over the designer from In House Fab to prototype and start manufacturing a snorkel for the 4th Gen 4runner. To my knowledge, this will be the first snorkel manufactured specifically for the 4th gen. It...
  3. Sid

    Extra water mod for Jeeps

    Hey guys - delete if not allowed but I wanted to share my mod so others can benefit from it. I'm building my JKU over time for more and more overlanding trips. Everyone can use more water...wouldn't drink it unless I had a very good filter but can be used for all kinds of things! Here's the...
  4. ovrlndr

    What is your absolute favorite modification you've made to your rig?

    I have a few top contenders (RTT, sPOD, lights, fridge, AEV tire carrier) but, I think mine might be the ARB Twin compressor I mounted under the hood... what's yours?
  5. Nomadik Nova

    Best 4runner overlanding mods?

    Just wondering, as I contemplate all the mods I want/need to do... what was your "BEST" mod for your Toyota 4Runner for off-roading or overlanding? Yes, I realize this is a wide net. I figured this would allow plenty of flexibility for responses. :)
  6. Boort

    Recommended Shops (Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Summit County)

    I'd like to ask my Colorado Peeps if they have any recommendations for shops in the Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Summit County area. I know that many here wrench their own rigs but am hoping that some folks might have input that can help. I'm about to pull the trigger on a suspension upgrade...
  7. Boort

    Towing capacity - What impact do common Overland Mods have?

    Hi all, After reading here and looking at various overland mods that are done on rigs. I have seen some mention about mods like Larger tires, bumpers, and lifts changing the Towing capacity of the rig. I see lots of vague warnings but no explanations. I'm trying to understand what these...