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  1. Charlie W2YBX

    Digital Ham: D-Star or Fusion (or other) when travelling.

    Hello! I'm looking to get a digital dual band 2m/70cm radio for my vehicle (D-Star or Fusion) and I'm wondering if anyone here would like to share their opinions/stories/rants! on which one, if any, they use or prefer. I mostly travel East of the Mississippi, and the radios I'm looking at are...
  2. Vincent Keith

    HF Mobile?

    Some questions for those of you who have HF mobile. How often do you actually use HF while the vehicle is in motion? What advantage do you see to mobile HF vs portable HF like in my case, the Elecraft XK3? I ask because I have several wire antenna setups that are easy to deploy. My think is is...
  3. Charlie W2YBX

    Ham, CB, GMRS: Handheld vs. Mobile transceivers. Get one, get the other, or get them all?

    Hello! I bought a new vehicle recently for my overlanding shenanigans and am in the process of deciding what I should have as far as group comms go. My travels will take me from the center of the busiest cities, to the middle of nowhere (hopefully =) ). As of now, I have/am getting the...