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  1. joshjunior

    Boyz in the Bottom Jeep Ride

    Not my event but I ran across it in one of my old Jeep groups on Facebook. I know theres a shortage of places to ride etc in this area so i thought some of yall might be interested. Here's a link to the post.
  2. KarmaSeoul

    Homochitto National Forest, Mississippi

    Looking to do a day trip to Homochitto National Forest in Mississippi. Anyone have any recommend routes or would it be better to just wander around the fire roads? I know there are a few older bridges, have a pin on one. Thanks!
  3. ChrispyChris

    California Road Trip: Part 1 - Wingin' It

    Hey guys! At the end of summer, my girlfriend and I headed west to California in her little Jeep Renegade. Here's the video from the first leg of the trip: I know it's not typical overlanding (maybe should've taken the Tundra...), but it was definitely an adventurous journey! Let us know...
  4. Cwilli17

    Mississippi / Louisiana / Alabama

    My name is Chris. I live in Hattiesburg MS, and it didn’t take me long to find that there is not a whole lot of us here in the Gulf South. I’ve done quite a bit of looking on OB and there doesn’t appear to be a thread dedicated to the Gulf South so I decided to make one! This thread is...