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  1. Carter

    Michigan Camping Discord Server

    This forum is great for discussions but I created a discord camping server for camping in Michigan. So, far the couple on this server are overlanders but it is open to all camping in Michigan both Upper and Lower peninsula. If you are interested in camping in michigan or want to contribute go...
  2. GatorDoc

    Overland Expo West 2019

    Who's going? A buddy and I started planning this week, wondering if anyone else here is planning on going and would like to meet up with or travel along with us along the way. Our tentative plan is to leave West Michigan on the morning of May 8 and haul the mail south to the Trans-America...
  3. northernXoverland

    2010 Ford Explorer

    I have a 2010 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 4.0 V6. It's Blue Flame with the Camel leather interior. It's name is The Blue Bandit and I started driving it when I was a Senior in high school. I'm in college so the budget for this build is pretty small but am doing my best to make it work. I already have...
  4. michiganoverland

    Michigan Overland Southwest Meetup - 07/22/2017

    Our Southwest Michigan meetup for anyone interested in joining us to talk anything and have some beers. We're meeting at Founders in Grand Rapids from 4pm until 10ish. View Rally Point Details
  5. michiganoverland

    Michigan Overland Manistee National Forest Trip - 07/07/2017

    We're taking a trip through Manistee National Forest in early July. Weather should be good enough that all we have to worry about is dust and bugs. Additional details are to follow including GPX files. We are limiting the number of rigs to 12 even though we aren't anticipating this many. This...
  6. michiganoverland

    Michigan Overland First Meetup

    Our first meetup at Mountain Town Brewing in Mt. Pleasant is happening on February 25th for anyone interested. All are welcome. If you've got questions let me know, check out the site, or catch us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Mountain Town Brewing 614 W Pickard Rd Mt Pleasant, MI 48858