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  1. StevieB93

    Hello Overland Bound Family - Newbie Member Here!

    Hello Everyone, I'm a new member and just joined over the weekend. Growing up in single parent home, my desire to be outdoors started as a young boy. When I was a teenager, I saw my first beautiful removeable hardtop 4Runner (1983), where I decided I'd one day buy a 4Runner. A few years...
  2. BKD Dave

    Experimenter 1 Badge

    Experimenter 1 Badge Demonstrate two different methods for accomplishing the same goal in camp. Share with the community. Vehicle / Trailer Leveling: 1. Natures resources - logs, rocks, mounds 2. Man made resources - leveling blocks, maxtrac's (or equal) 3. Lucky enough to find a level campsite
  3. Robert OB 33/48

    A round trip through Europe after the several Lock downs.

    Hello folks, As all our trips are cancelled for this year, which means, no Spain, no, France, no Morocco this year. At least all the planned trips are off. What I would like to do, as soon as it is possible, is the following; I like to make a roundtrip through Mid Europe. The Netherlands...
  4. Earthscape Overland

    New to the Forums

    Hello everyone, OB#14460 here. Based out of southern Ontario, Canada. Looking forward to enjoying some new adventures with the whole OB group. A huge thanks to Michael and Corrie for accepting Earthscape Overland in and putting this all together. Cheers to you both.