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  1. ovrlndr

    [OB1375] 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 Cargo Van

    Alright, I told myself I was going to get my Jeep build thread caught up to present before I started another build thread here... But, who am I kidding? I was lying to myself. Actually, I've got the next Jeep post already typed up and almost posted it, but... well, it's complicated. THIS IS...
  2. ovrlndr

    Lemon Law? (any state, but I'm in Colorado)

    Anyone have any experience with lemon law? I'd love to hear your experiences, tips, and outcomes. Reason I am asking: I purchased a brand new 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 144WB. It has 1,140 miles on it, and it has now had non-start issues 4 times. Turn the van off, come back 5, 10...
  3. Remington_PRO4X

    Saw this Rig in Downtown London

    I wonder how much dirt this spendy truck sees! I mean it is an amazing truck and very cool, but wow. Here is one that did!
  4. covello

    Los Angeles Vintage Mercedes Truck Hello!

    Hi everyone! Been lurking and reading for a while, but decided to sign up and order my emblem! In Los Angeles (Santa Monica to be specific) and I have a 1991 Mercedes Benz 300GD. It's a short wheel base, so two doors, and diesel! Tons of fun to drive, though a little slow. I've taken it up...
  5. Emiel

    The big red bus

    I will post here some of pics of our bus (a Mercedes-Benz O303 from 1986) as soon as I have made some. I will also post some pics from before the bus was red (and we went on vacations with it). So if you got any questions or suggestions pleas post them!