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  1. H

    New member from Luxembourg

    Hello, Glad to join the Overland Bound Community! So I'm Roger living with my family in Schieren, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, involved in offroading and travelling for more than over 25 years here in Europe. Land Rovers are my cars so first I started with a Disco1 200 TDI, Disco 1 300 TDI, Disco...
  2. Rockwilder

    "Freiheitsmobile-Treffen" in in Weiswampach (Luxembourg)

    Hi, is anyone going to attend the "Freiheitsmobile-Treffen" in Weiswampach at the Lake ? 25-28/7/2019 Would be nice to have a OB meet-up. Jacques
  3. Kevigizmo

    Overland Bound Region - West Europe

    Hey Everyone, As you have seen with announcements from Overland Bound, the regions globally have been expanding, With the new region being formed here in UK - This has now been amended to become part of the new European Regions - West Europe I just wanted to take a minute to say Hi and to give...