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  1. summervijx

    US Southwest DFW Meetup "Fort Worth" Edition

    Simple meetup for the Fort Worth side of the metroplex. View Rally Point
  2. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland northwest - Day Trip - Latour Peak and Mirror Lake

    It's time to head up into the mountains. Let's get together and see how high we can get before the snow gets too deep. I have a few destinations in the GPX file if we don't make it to the top. See more below. View Rally Point
  3. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest - Coeur 'dAlene National Forest

    Join me for a day trip in the Coeur d'Alene National Forest. This should be an easy trip on forest service roads. Plan on having lunch on the trail. I don't think we'll see much snow, but be prepared. Lots of new folks in the area. This is an opportunity to meet some others in the group out...
  4. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest Picnic in the Park

    Let's get together for lunch! Bring something tasty to share.View Rally Point
  5. CR-Venturer

    Cancelled Western Canada OB Meetup

    A meet and greet for Overland Bound members in Western Canada! Come show off your rigs, talk trails, and get to know your fellow local OB members.View Rally Point
  6. ryanjohnsonhunt

    OC New Zealand OLB Members Meet & Greet - 02/16/2019

    Informal Meet & Greet for OLB Members. Will be good to put faces to names, check out each other's vehicles, and swap trip ideas. Bring your own food and your gear to cook it on, I'm keen to see everyone's different cooking setups! Coordinates lead to a cool little spot in Cornwall Park away...
  7. Sandpoint Steve

    Inland Northwest (Saturday in the park) - 11/03/2018

    !!!!LOCATION CHANGED TO FALLS PARK!!!! Following my theme of not doing a normal meet and greet in a bar or restaurant, let's get together for lunch! Bring some food and a chair to sit in and let's hang out and tell stories about our summer adventures. View Rally Point Details