long travel

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  1. Kai Tinkerer

    New Adventurer from Lehigh Valley, PA

    Hi Overland Bound. I am excited to join the community and look forward to go on adventures with friends and see this community grows. I locate in Lehigh Valley, PA. 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser is my expedition rig. I am moderately experienced in 4 wheeling but still new to overlanding. I love...
  2. Thatredfj

    Dogs out on the road?

    How many of y'all take your dogs out with you on the road? And what are some things you do that help them out over long travel? Been taking my pup out for a lot single day drives with a few days camping and he does really well. Planning a longer trip out west and thinking about bringing him...
  3. S

    Finally signed up. OB # 2058

    sytfu510 on Tacomaworld/Expedition Portal, Youtube and Instagram. 2006 Toyota Tacoma TRD Long Travel, Supercharged, Custom Bed Rack, GO FSR tent and bunch of other stuff.
  4. 85Blazer-Keat

    1990 Toyota pickup 4x4 long travel

    Selling my 1990 Toyota pickup, v6, 4wd, sr5, power everything, 5speed manual. Lots done to the truck over the last four years. Want to sell to fund a new project. Great truck and is my daily driver. Crawler Prerunner Desert Or mountains Motor- -3.0 liter 3vze v6. - new long block motor from...