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  1. 307 Expedition

    2008 WK Elocker

    One of my future projects is a locker. I really like the elocker. The Auburn is not expensive. I just don’t like the bearings used. Having to roll a quarter turn to fully lock seems like a waste. ARB seems like a lot of cost for the locker and air compressor. I bet pricey to install. The pro...
  2. Dustin

    Front locker or winch first?

    There's a new 4runner purchase in my near future. I'll be getting one of the models with the rear locker option. Thinking about some of the first upgrades for it (tires + lift + onboard air will likely be the very first things) and I'm wondering from the more experienced crowd, would you choose...
  3. SLO Rob

    2000 Limited T4R w/Locker (CA)

    Very nice starter kit here!