king springs

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  1. NateWW35

    TheGoatForester "Build"

    Hello all, thanks again for having me. I've always loved forums, they're so full of information! I was recommended to post up a build thread of my Forester, and while it's truly all bolt ons, I guess it can still be considered a "build". 2015 Forester 2.5i Premium w/CVT - Nameless muffler...
  2. RichieFromBoston

    Dobinson Springs Versus King Springs. Side by Side comparison.

    I got a set of Springs for my 97 Land Cruiser FZJ80 I was running 4in KING Springs with Slee Offroad Resovoir Shocks(ADS) With Landtank Swaybar links, drop blocks And A 30MM Whiteline sway bar in rear. Dobinosns Ask for David Otero