king shocks

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  1. Ddaks_

    Starting my overland 100 series land cruiser build

    So after my rig's head cracked and caused some coolant and oil mixture, I fixed it and now it's been running great. A few months after fixing the engine here is a list of upgrades I recently did to the land cruiser. Suspension: King Shocks SPC upper control arms OME 2864 HD rear springs Slee...
  2. David Munoz

    1999 Toyota Tacoma (AT Atlas Camper)

    Hey guys, I thought I'd introduce my new build! I previously had a 2wd Tacoma as a daily driver and an fj60 camping rig, but I decided to sell them both. Although it was a tough decision, maintaining two rigs wasn't something I wanted to continue doing. Here she is. 1999 Toyota Tacoma SR5 4x4...
  3. Yota_Crazy_13

    US Southeast 2nd gen tacoma snorkel

    Selling some parts for a 2nd gen Tacoma, these are coming from a 2007 TRD OR Tacoma. The Shocks were never tested, just mounted for fitment on brackets. Bump stops never mounted or tested. Shipping on Buyers dime, local sales are preferred Safari Snorkel $450
  4. JohnTYoung

    Sliders before lockers. A Taco Build Story

    I installed RCI rock sliders on my Taco and thought I'd give the YouTube a try again. Let me know what works and what doesn't. And now for some RCI Skid Plates Prinsu Roof Rack