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  1. stickel

    Sway bar options for LC 200 with KDSS

    Has anyone out there replaced the stock sway bars in a Land Cruiser 200 series (2013 model year with KDSS)? If so, what options are available? I'm going to be installing an Icon lift and some new wheels tires soon. I'd also like to upgrade the sway bar at the same time if possible but I'm not...
  2. Louisiana Overland

    4runner guys...kdss ir no kdss

    I am pretty much decided on ordering a 2018 TRD offroad premium. For options I want the sliding cargo tray and moonroof. My plans are to do National and State Park trips, explore documented routes like TAT , and eventually venture into BC and Alaska. What are your thoughts on adding the kdss...
  3. SCrunner

    Lifting a 2016 4runner?

    I want to lift my 4runner but don't know what lift is right for me. I will be doing basic city driving, drives to the snow, and moderate trails for camping. I currently have the KDSS suspension. I read having this setup might limit my choices, is that true? I am looking for a 2.5" lift, Ill go...
  4. B

    2015 4Runner Trail Premium Mods?

    Anyone who owns a 5th Gen 4Runner that can suggest what mods I should start with? I have a Trail Premium with then KDSS suspension and I'd like to lift it a couple of inches, add tires and wheels. What have you done to your 5th Gen? Photos would be great!