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  1. uncompromise

    Gen 3 Montero / Pajero / Shogun Jerry can mount

    Hi all - researching the options for cost-effectively mounting a 20 litre Jerry can on the Gen 3 (preferably without having to drill into the door itself). I’ve seen some interesting side mount options for spare tires, but the best I’ve seen is for rotopax, which are too small for our needs. I’m...
  2. Hourless Life

    External Fuel Tank. Not Rotopax. Just installed the Titan Trail Trekker II

    New mod installed We just added the Titan Fuel Tanks Trail Trekker II to our overlanding arsenal. We opted for this fuel tank rather than the Rotopax for several reasons: First off, this tank holds 12 gallons. Yes 12. Secondly, the tank is grounded, vented, and has rollover protection...
  3. Remington_PRO4X

    JerryCan Bar

    These wouldn't necessarily be a must at basecamp, but sure would be nice and a great way to relax! Check them out! (let my wife know Christmas is coming up in a few months haha) I've also seen a few cool DIY pages on how to make your own. I'm not sure I have the wood working skills to pull...
  4. TheAdventurousMind

    My DIY rear tire/fuel carrier using stock bumper

    Many days and I finally finished my v1.0 of my rear carrier set up. I did this on my 4Runner, but it can apply to most any vehicle. I have many ask me about it, so I made a video! I still want to make some improvements, but that will be for v1.1 :sunglasses: Let me know what you think!
  5. LifestyleFJ

    Best Gas Can for Overlanding

    Hi everyone! I'm looking into having a couple Jerry cans onboard my FJ Cruiser for when I go on some fairly larger overland trips soon. Do you have any suggestions for Jerry cans that are very solid and don't leak easily? I wasn't sure if there was a particular brand that is really solid...
  6. S

    FOR SALE Blue Ridge Skottle Bag Set / Jerry Can Spout / RIGID tool box set

    Located in Oakland, CA, frequently travel to Sacramento, CA Used in good condition Blue Ridge Tembo Tusk Skottle Bag: $40 New Threaded Jerry Can Spout $15 RIGID tool box set. Stackable weather resistant, metal latches. Top box modified with 12V/USB Sockets and cut to fit a solar charge...