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  1. RangerSAM95

    2019 Danger Ranger New member!

    Hi everyone! My name is Shea and I’m very happy to finally join this community! I’m in the US Navy and currently stationed here in Whidbey Is, WA but soon to be transferring to San Diego. I’m originally from Texas and as far as my overlanding experience, I’d say I’m more on the mediocre side but...
  2. BigTuna117

    Core 4x4 Adjustable Control Arms

    Core 4x4 makes control arms for several different vehicles now, including Dodge and Jeep. I ran these for 3 years, and I thought I'd share my experience. Even though this is a review of the WJ control arms they produce, it should be pretty much applicable to all of there control arm sets. THE...
  3. stickel

    WJ + sPOD?

    Match made in ??? I've been searching around a few forums and google to see some examples of sPOD installs in WJs. Alas, I've come up empty handed. Has anyone with a WJ installed an sPOD or something similar? What was your experience like? Did you go with sPOD or something else (including...
  4. stickel

    2003 WJ Overland build

    Thought it was high time I started my own build thread here to track progress on my 2003 WJ Overland. This is my first: Jeep, overlanding vehicle, and vehicle I'm modifying away from stock. I bought this Jeep off Craigslist and the previous owner had already done a few modifications to it. It...