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    US West For Sale - SAC CA - JKU Magnaflow 15160 Black Series Axle Back Exhaust - $500/OBO

    Brand new in box, never opened Magnaflow Black Series Axel-Back Exhaust for sale for a JKU. It was a gift that I think I will exchange for cash that will get something else for the rig :P $500 or OBO Shipping can be arranged by the buyer. But local pick up prefered (its a big box). An...
  2. Sid

    Power distribution block in rear of Jeep JKU

    So I have an Apollointech pod (cheaper sPod alternative) but with all the accessories I am installing in the rear of my rig i.e. rear rack lights, dometic fridge, 12v sockets, etc. I would have to run tons of wiring to the back of my Jeep and I hate wiring! After searching youtube and not...
  3. Kasey P. Condon

    Mod Help in San Diego!

    Hello All! Need help figuring out the right direction. Long story short: I have been putting off finishing up my rig for some time now. But I just found out that my job will be moving me overseas in 18 months. My fiance and I plan on taking my Jeep overseas but have now realized I better start...
  4. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Aloha Trail Kitty Rig (2011 Jeep Wrangler/JKU)

    Figure we would start a thread about the journey our family rig has taken to get where we are, and the many more upgrades to come. Will post photos soon!
  5. fledwell

    Jeep Adventure through Anza Borrego in Newest OutdoorX4 Issue

    The latest issue of OutdoorX4 Magazine recently shipped and you can view an 18-page sample of the newest issue in digital featuring a very nicely built Jeep JKU and its travels through Anza Borrego. Overland Bound members receive a 10% discount on subscriptions and gear from the OutdoorX4...
  6. Dave Decker

    Have you ever come back to your vehicle in the middle-of-nowhere and it wouldn't start?

    This happened to me a couple of months back. I was on some wayback road out in the boonies in the Delaware Basin in southeastern New Mexico. I had left the vehicle (a 2008 Jeep Wrangler JKU) to do some karst survey in the area and when I came back (in the middle of a thunderstorm no less) the...