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  1. T

    SOLD San Francisco CA - ARB X-Jack, unused - Free - you pay shipping or pick it up.

    I have a brand new, never used ARB Bushranger exhaust powered X-Jack to give away to a good home. I switched my jack system and no longer need this one. They are about $250 new. I just want it to go to a good home. Will ship within the continental US or it can be picked up from me here in San...
  2. BeastModeABM

    Driving off a High Lift Jack

    I always hear about people using a high lift jack to get out out of a sticky situation, by driving off the jack. H0w does this work? I've never found any actual video's on YouTube of this process. I know many people hate the high lift jack but I'm still curious about this method....
  3. Wolvee

    Hi-Lift Jack!

    This little guy showed up today! Now, if I only had time to play with it. Things might settle down in a couple weeks and I'll get to take it out. I honestly didn't know if I should get the 48" or the 60" but I figured being a full size truck, the 60's would probably be better. The thing sure...