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indiana overlanding

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  1. sasquatchoverlanding

    US Midwest Garden of the Gods with Sasquatch Overlanding

    This trip will start in Central Indiana and over the course of the weekend ending up at the Garden of the Gods in Illinois. This trip will consist of forest roads and backroads. This is just a nice fall time trip to get out and enjoy the Midwest and what it has to offer to Overlanders. This is...
  2. sasquatchoverlanding

    Indiana Is For Beginners

    Almost 4 years ago I went from a Ford F-150 to a Toyota Tundra. When looking for parts to add to the Tundra then I came across Overlanding. I dove down this rabbit hole of adventure and started to do my research and planning of my rig. It was 2.5 years in and I went to a meet-up. I felt out...