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  1. RemarkableOverland

    Elite Athletes & Overlanding

    Hi team! This is my first post on OB, and it's to tap into this amazing network of people all over the world. My wife is a retired olympian and has discovered a passion for overlanding she never expected to have. We're interested in hearing from others in the overlanding community that...
  2. magnusbornes

    Idea: "Save as a Draft" feature when posting a new thread.

    Hi, dev team! I wrote a quite long post the other day about my trip to Helgelandskysten, Norway last year. I missed a "Save as a draft" function so that I could write the post little by little. I was quite nervous as well, that I potentially would lose my post caused if my internet went down, I...
  3. AndyV

    Help with Utah overnighter

    Driving to Twin Falls, Idaho from Socal the day after Christmas to visit family and was wondering if someone can help me with a good spot in Utah off of the I15 on the way. Ive never been to Utah so please excuse my ignorance but I'm looking for a spot near some water or in some mildly dense forest.
  4. Trail Runner Bowser

    Self made window system.

    After closely looking over the RAGO Fab designed window molle system and the Orange Box window system I decided to try and create my own.. at a fraction of the cost. A trip to Lowe's, many, many, many measurements, I came up with my own window system. It's not the prettiest but it certainly gets...
  5. Dave Rooney

    Summer Overland Trip Ideas - ex Toronto

    OK - so kicking this off for my first post and hopefully be able to tap into the wisdom of the crowds gathered. I have 2-weeks in summer to plan an overland trip. I am looking for some ideas of destinations - initially I thought about the east coast Canada/US. Are there some remote routes...