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  1. dhossk

    Homemade Dash Bar

    I've always liked the 67 Design's dash bar but I could never really justify paying the full price, it would have been close to $300 to have shipped to me. Now I didn't have the spare $300 kicking around, but I do have a welder and $20 for material to fab up my own.
  2. A-Aron

    Family Overland Trailer Build - A-Aron

  3. DMur

    DIY Bed

    Hello! About two weeks ago we (my fantastic overlanding partner and I) made a bed for about $250. Wanted to share so that someone else can use the idea if they would like. This build took 4 hours, and 1 full day to gather materials. We started with our materials. 1) Thin plywood...( Lowes) 2)...
  4. Hank Outdoors

    Overland Trailer Axle

    I am looking into building a trailer for my RTT and I am looking for advice on what those of you who have built trailers used for an axle. Did you go with a trailer axle from a Tractor Supply type store? Did you have to narrow the axle? How big of a weight rating did you go for the axle? Thanks...
  5. Cappy410

    The EH-2 Expedition Hauler by 410XCO

    With the increase mileage on my JK and the lack of fuel economy, it was time to build a full overland trailer. You see, my JK is my daily driver and having the RTT on the rack does not help. I've been thinking of a complete rebuild on the current offroad trailer I had which followed me to Utah...
  6. Laughing Otter

    Home made Snorkel for under $100.00

    Hey all...this post is for anyone looking to get ideas for building their own Snorkel kit. Again, idea's only...what works on my rover may not work on your Toyota or Jeep or whatever you drive. Let me know if you have questions...A few of the items I already had in the shop...the rest I...