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  1. DMur

    Overlanding in VT, Looking for recommendations

    Hey all! I am going to Burlington VT this weekend. Leaving end of the week. Does any one have good spots to stop? I like beer, bike tails, sight-seeing, or even little hidden gems...like museum and spots where people have stories. Can't wait to hear your thoughts, and thank you for talking...
  2. BuiltForWandering

    Forgotten History

    Three weeks ago we needed to get out of town and out of the cold rain and snow ( We had snow in the yard 3 weeks ago and todays high will be 81F. ) So we checked the weather and headed out. Deciding to go southwest to find the sun. We have been wanting to go out into the west desert mainly...
  3. Wolfy

    Mojave Preserve Adventure Part 1: The Mojave Road

    [Route and Resources at the bottom. Click images for more info.] Rocket walked through the deserted cars eyes wide. There was an panel van sitting on it’s frame in the dry wash spray painted like psychedelic a ice cream truck derelict post apocalypse. A stretch limo, in matching livery sat...