hiker trailer

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  1. M

    My Hiker trailer base camp light kit by Oz4WD

    I looked at stick lights for awhile now and consider some of the bigger brands. A company reached out to me and I took a look at the Oz4wd lights. There are way cheaper then the competition lights and just as good of Quality. They are a stick style light that includes, dimmers, 12 volt source...
  2. M

    Hiker trailer - Options

    I made a video to show people the options I ordered for my build. Love this trailer! Any questions let me know. Video here
  3. Dana Ramos

    Please Delete

    Nevermind. No longer for sale, please delete.
  4. Darkside Overland

    Darkside's Hiker Trailer 5x9 Offroad Build

    Finally picked up our 5x9 Offroad from Hiker at the Overland Expo east on October 1st. It was a demo at the show for Wes Henry, the owner of the Indiana arm of Hiker Trailers. Below is a photo from when we just picked it up to head home. This thread will track the build and some fun along the way.
  5. Dana Ramos

    Hiker Trailer 5x9 Offroad Build

    I got a lot of questions and photo/video requests after chiming in on another thread so I figured I'd start my own thread on our Hiker Trailer build. Up until last year we had a 4x8 Deluxe (non-Off-Road) model. We were able to take that little trailer quite a few places. For the most part, it...