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  1. D

    FOR SALE New Hi Lift Jack for Sale 60" Cast and Steel

    Location: Socal - Los Angeles - West Hollywood area Description: Hi Lift Jack 60" Cast and Steel. New, never used and has been sitting in the garage for a few months now. Ended up with a 48" jack and now just have this one sitting around. Better for larger rigs or if you plan on using it for...
  2. Captain Josh

    Hi-Lift Maintenance

    I know many of you have mounting points for your hi-lift on a bumper, basket, rack, etc. Do you keep your jack mounted there all the time, or take it down when you're not overlanding? How do you keep it clean, and how often do you lube it up?
  3. SLO Rob

    DIY Hi Lift Mounts-advice please?

    So I had some mounts fabricated by a guy on a 3rd Gen 4Runner board for my new hi lift that I like to refer to as a Spanish Inquisition Device. You remove two tie downs just inside the lift gate and put in the mounts et Viola. BUT, I have caveman-like mechanical skills, I broke off the screw...