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  1. T

    Anyone running a Haven Tent?

    Wondering if anyone out there is running a Haven Tent - LayFlat hammock tent. Or any other hammock tent for that matter. If so, I would love your overall opinion of the tent, pros/cons, etc. Seriously considering the Haven to try to stay lite and minimalist (no RTT) - at least for now...
  2. Crazjtk

    Product Review: Clark Jungle Hammocks Mark2

    As I've outfitted my overland rig, I've adopted a backpacker-like mantra of maximizing versatility and minimizing size and weight. This is something of a necessity; my BJ42 is not very large, and not powerful either. On the other hand, this has pushed me to find some really clever and unique...
  3. NostromoSurvivor

    New from Brooklyn

    Hello everyone! Rig: Ripley, my 2013 Jeep JK 2 door I’m a student and backpacking enthusiast, soon moving to Bend, OR to complete a BS in biology. Last year, I discovered the vlogger IAmJake and was deeply impressed by his unconventional CJ build. When I discovered the high cost of renting a...