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  1. 7

    2019 Ram Power Wagon W/ AT Habitat

    For sale. 2019 Ram Power Wagon - loaded. Pretty much every option less sunroof. 9900 miles. 37X12.50-17 Falken wildpeak AT3 with full size matching spare. Method wheels Carli Pintop 2.5 suspension kit. AT Overland Habitat installed by AT. AT Overland 3-wall enclosure. Goose Gear cabinet Bed Rug...
  2. Berkshires

    US East AT Habitat - lots of options - SOLD

    Selling my 2.5 year old Habitat - I've moved back east and need something that I can easily heat. If I were still living on the west coast I would not be selling this, it is a great camper and we really like all the room it offers. The Habitat has the following: - Cab slider window $360 - Roof...
  3. Paris0514

    AT Overland Habitat

    Having camped for several years I have slept in a few different setups. Like most I started in a ground tent. The ground tents have had several variations. The older tents with the half inch tent poles, 2 man back packing tents, and a few large family size ground tents. These tents always felt...