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  1. Noble Savage

    Fraternal Orders

    Me and my faience were talking this morning about people we know who are part of some type of fraternal order (Moose, Elk, Mason, ect.) and how many we didn't realize until the conversation this morning. Are there any OB members that are apart of any order? And how are you experiences with...
  2. BlueLineOverland

    !!!Calling All First Respoders!!!

    Just wanted to shout out to the first responder family. Check out Blue Line Overland on Facebook and Instagram as well as on the web at Made up of first responders as well as dispatchers, jailers and all their supporters. We do many raffles to support local charities...
  3. FrankRoams

    Official Region West Facebook Group

    Hello all, Frank here, one of the admins of the Official Overland Bound West Region Group on Facebook along with @chrispartida. I wanted to make sure all badged members in the West on the forums were aware of the group and if you live on facebook like the other 93% of the world, you can now get...