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  1. Richard Matthews

    Around the world in a £150 "Rig"

    Hi guys, firstly thank you accepting me in to the Overland Bound community. Just over a year ago I bought a Nissan Micra for £150 off Gumtree (UK Craigslist), then replaced a few parts; clutch, brakes, front suspension arms and added some stickers. I then set off with Global Convoy to see how...
  2. FrankR

    Resolved "Global Visits" Slowing Down Browser

    Okay, I know this sounds super weird, but the "Global Visits" side bar slows down my browser. I am using an updated version of Google Chrome on a newer MacBook Pro. (decent RAM and Processor) I know my computer isn't that bad. My problem lies on the forum page when scrolling down, as soon as I...