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  1. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Bigger Tires = More Upgrades

    Depending upon your rig and tire size. At what point do you think components directly effected because of the larger tire size would need to be replaced? Would you replace these first? Re-Gearing? Ball Joints? Axle Trusses and C-Gussets? Axle Shaft Upgrades? Bigger brakes to compensate for the...
  2. Delete Me

    Mild Lift for F150?

    Have a 2016 F150 5.0L 4x4 and I was wondering what would be considered a mild lift. Mild lift as in ... I want to run easy dirt/gravel stuff and not be testing my recovery skills. Heard that a "mild lift" would help. More dirt oriented tires would help too. My truck has 6k miles and is bone...
  3. RichieFromBoston

    Need Local new England help

    Ok picked up my new rig finally only real issue Im having is finding tires, I need a good fairly local(100mi) tire dealer anyone got a name? this is the truck here, shes got 37s on 16in rims but im gonna to drop em to 35s