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  1. Hobie01

    DIY Fishing Rod Storage

    most of us camp near water pretty often and the more i go out the more I am motivated to fish and I wanted a way to store my fishing poles outside the car. I made this for some 20$ at the local ace hardware. Holds 3 rods. it's not the prettiest but it works super well. i have a soft case for my...
  2. N

    Bag similar to Tupui Expedition

    Looking for a bag to put in back of truck. It will never be on top so doesn't have to be as good as the tupui but close. Anyone know of a bag similar to that Tupui bag Mike did a review on?
  3. Michael

    The Ultimate Overland Checklist

    Hey all, I get asked time and time again from people interested in overlanding, "what do I need to bring?" Here is a list of equipment, dry goods, and other items needed on your overland trip. This is separate from your vehicle, another topic altogether! I hope this is useful! The Checklist
  4. VCeXpedition

    Sources and Style for Roof-top storage cases/boxes

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to this company, we buy all of our cases from them, and then I realized how inexpensive they are compared to Amazon or other sellers. I live right around the corner from Pelican, and I've found these guys to be generally...