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  1. Gryf

    Overland communications: My current solution

    TLDR: Wife and I wanted a way to talk to groups without use needing to become radio operators. I programmed the Rugged Radio defaults & GMRS channels 17-22 on my hand held radios. If you want to know the logic please read on. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and influence. I haven't...
  2. Teague

    OB Frequencies List

    I've seen this on other sites, where we make a master list of the most common frequencies. Since we're so spread out maybe organize it by region? HAM National Simplex Calling 1.25M: 223.50 2M: 146.52 70cm: 446.00 33cm: 906.50 23cm: 1294.500 Misc NOAA: 162.550, 162.400, 162.475, 162.425...