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  1. L

    Show me your roof rack setups pleeeease

    Hi everyone , I am new to camping as a single mum but have been getting out there and making the most of it . I have a little RAV4 she does the job for me . At the moment I just have rhino racks but am wanting to put a cage or something up there as well .. I have a foxwing270 on the left and...
  2. Rubicon JKU

    Cancelled Gobi Stealth Bracket for Batwing Awning

    Need Gobi Stealth Batwing Awning Brackets. Dual or Triple Support Kit preferred.
  3. G

    SOLD 2015 Turtleback Expedition $18k best offer

    It has been used less than ten times for probably less than 30 nights About 8k highway miles on the tires Garth Perez garthperez at yahoo dot com Feel free to ask any questions Will consider delivery outside the Tampa area for $0.50 a mile depending on sale price Check out their website for...
  4. C

    SOLD SoCal- mint batwing style AWNING $400- p/u only

    Used once! Roofnest batwing style "Wingspan" awning. 270 degree span. I had it mounted on a Rhino Rack platform for a trip to Joshua Tree where it performed very well in high winds. The Wingspan is 8’4″ long and 6″ tall when in the storage bag. When opened up, each of the four triangular panels...
  5. RichieFromBoston

    Oztent foxwing awning Review

    I had just done a review of my ARB 2500by200 and went out to MOAB and back and promptly bought welded up some mounts and installed a Rhinorack oztent foxwing. lightyears of differnce well worht it and not even double the price SOLID.
  6. nickburt

    RTT or ground tent & why

    We've been camping for many, many years, both for holidays, Scouting and Overlanding. Over the years we've used a variety of ground tents and roof tents. For us, each has it's merits, depending on the type of trip. Long term stops - 3 or 4 days or more, ground tents win for us - set up and no...