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  1. AxiS99

    1991 Fj80

    Hey guys, I am QUITE NEW to over landing. I have a bone stock 91 fj80. What's the first vehicle upgrade I should do to it? Roof rack? Lights? Front and rear bumpers? Sliders?
  2. J

    Just getting into overlanding, looking for rig suggestions?

    Hey my name is Jordan and I'm just getting into overlanding. I'm looking to buy a vehicle in the next couple of months and had a couple of questions. After doing a lot of research I think I've narrowed it down to either an 80 or 100 series land cruiser but I can't decide. The rig will also be my...
  3. Tahoe

    f[z]j80 build discussion

    Hi All, I would like to start a discussion specifically about f[z]j80 builds people have. I am looking to spend some $$ and would like to spend it as wisely as possible. Things I am looking for are like. 1. what lift is required for 35" tires 2. what kind of steering upgrade/work have people...