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  1. Eventyr_jt

    US Southeast Rigs and Coffee - Charlotte, NC

    Join us for Rigs and Coffee in Charlotte, NC. Meeting the 2nd Saturday of the month 10:00am - 12:00 pm. View Rally Point
  2. D

    US Midwest Midwest Overland Fest 2020

    The first annual Midwest Overland Fest will kick off August 21-23 for a wholesome three-day combination of trade show, caravan, music, drink, food and county fair. We almost lost the whole year, but America is in the mood to make up for lost time. We aim to bury the lockdown once and for all! We...
  3. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Kings Canyon Falls Trail Drive & Hike

    Day Run and Hike to the Falls
  4. DUX1125

    Where am I going?

    Hello everyone I am new here on OB, I am currently in Miami and was wondering where there is (if any) place around south florida to go take a good trip with the family, maybe also stay the night camping. Thanks in advance
  5. RedClay

    US Southeast North Georgia Meetup

    This is the meetup portion only of the December North Georgia Meetup and Ride. Since the ride needs to be limited to 10 rigs, I've created a separate meetup for those who are only attending the meetup at 1pm at Reformation Brewery in Canton, GA.View Rally Point
  6. LoCo_Ex

    US West Big Sur: Caves, Ridges & Bridges Tour

    Info about this route is posted at (see the alternative route) A 2 night trip that begins by passing through eastern slopes of the Santa Lucia...
  7. Roy & Kristin Zirpoli

    US Northwest Fall Family Camp Out and Bonfire

    Hubert Mcbee Memorial Campground!160765&query=sitedetails
  8. Brittany Highland

    Families That Overland Full-time?

    I am really curious to find families who overland full-time. I know of Lifestyle Overland overlanding North America, and Epic Family Road Trip who has split time between Jeep/RV and been a lot of places. I've run into a handful of other families who have done year-long overlanding, or some...
  9. I

    Prewitt Ridge Campground - 10/20/2018

    Little family trip above the clouds and in the stars. One of the most arguable beautiful places to camp on the west coast. Fees: None. Amenities: None. You’re going to need your own water, fuel, and dig or bring your own toilet. Offroad Difficulty: 1/5 – You don’t need much to get out here –...