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  1. MarshallC

    Cancelled 3 Days of Caves! Lava tube and rock formation exploration in the South Idaho desert

    2 Nights dry camping and 3 days of exploring caves, Lava tubes, and a little city of rocks in the South Idaho desert. Sleep inside the mouth of a giant lava tube, or stay up above in your RTT. Soft roaders welcome.
  2. Mattia Overland West Alps

    The first part of the Corsica tour

    The first part of the Corsica tour done in June 2018 from Bastia to Trelicettu beach:
  3. North Shore Scout

    Monty (1997 Mercury mountaineer)

    ohhh boy where to start! 1997 mercury mountaineer V8 AWD. in 2014 after 7 years of battle for SSI. i finally won my case. its hard to show fatigue problems when you look normal. but after 4 hours of work. im pretty much shot. thats not going to hold me back tho! i want to go offroading...